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2007 Fishing Reports

Lake Shelbyville Illinois fishing reports by Don and Barb Satterfield Fishing Guide Service

This fishing report is free and presented by Don and Barb Satterfield Fishing Guide Service. The fishing report will be Updated on Thursday's ONLY when necessary to change the report. If the report has not changed by Friday, then read the last report because the fishing conditions are consistent with that fishing report!

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Lake Shelbyville Il Fishing Report for 7-21-07

Lake level is at 599 which is just below summer pool.

Water temp is in the upper 70's and the water is clear till you get up north where you'll find it is stained to murky.

The fishing has been fair to good for all species, with white bass being the best bite out there.

For whites try the flats thourgh out the lake some days there feeding on top and easy to find and other times they are deeper and you can find them on your electronics. For the shallow fish try jigs, small spinners and blade baits. If you find the deep fish use the 1 oz. man-o-lure and vertical jig for them.

Crappie are 6 to 15 ft. on the main lake points and drop offs and are being caught on jig and minnows. You will catch lots of small fish, but you can find some keepers.

Bass fishing is good both deep and shallow one all kinds of baits. The worm and or jig fished deep on the points is working good for the bigger fish.

Casting or trolling the main lake rip-rap or chunk rock with crank baits is working for walleye and musky.

Take care and good luck.

Don and Barb Satterfield
Shelbyville Il Fishing Report for 8-06-07

The lake level is at 598.7 which is just below summer pool.

The water is clear till you get on the north end where you'll find stained to muddy ,but still fishable. The surface temp is in the mid 80's and with the hot weather it will be in the upper 80's soon.

If you can put up with the heat the fish has been good for all speces and we have been catching some nice fish. White bass are your best bet if your looking for a lot of fish to catch and go home with. You can find the fish on the main lake sand bars threw out the lake and most are on the top of the drops where the bars meet the channals. Use your electronics to find the drops and look for the fish that are just off the bottom. The 1 oz man-o-lure works very well for the deep fish when vertical jigged. You can also catch them on jigs and minnows or by trolling crank baits. If you see fish on the bottom and you cann't get them to hit , move they are not whites,when you fined the whites they will bite...

Crappie being caught on the points and drop offs with wood structure 6 to 25ft deep with jigs and or minnows. You can catch a lot of small fish and once again move till you find them.

Bass have been good all year and still are, try top water around wood and smart weeds. You can find them deep with crankbaits , worms and jigs on the points and drops.

If your trying to find walleye and don't mind working a little harder for the bites, try jig and worm or minnow on the main lake rocky points and sand and gravel bars. The deth changes from day to day and spot to spot, so you have to try everthing till something works. Trolling crankbaits on the drops and humps will work also.

The musky are active in shallow water back in the timbered coves.

We've been hearing good storys about catching channels cats difting cut or live shad on the flats around 15 ft.deep.

Good luck take care and take someone fishing....
Don and Barb Satterfield
Lake Shelbyville Il Fishing Report for 9-01-07

The lake is still below normal summer pool, it is at 598 which is almost 1 foot under.

The water surface temp. is in the mid 80's and is clear till you get up north where it is stained, but very fishable.

The fishing has been very good for whites and crappie and fair for bass and walleye.

Look for the white bass deep and shallow on any given day. There on the flats with the wind blowing in and the two jig rig, blade baits and small spinner are all working to catch the shallow fish. You may have to try lots of spots, but don't give up ,when you find a bank holding fish you can fill the coolers. You can also find whites holding on the drop where the flats meet the channels and the 1oz man-o-lure works the best for deep fish.

Crappie fishing is better now then its been for the last few years they're holding on wood from 8ft to 25ft and can be found all over the lake. These fish can be caught on jigs and or minnows. Once again keep moving till you find the keeper size fish.

Bass and walleye are a little hard to find right now.

We have not seen a lot of musky this year and if you want to catch them below the dam after dark is the best way right now.

Catfish are being caught on the flats with shad by drifting with the wind

Till next time good luck and take someone fishing with you.
Don and Barb Satterfield
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