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2006 Fishing Reports

Lake Shelbyville Illinois fishing reports by Don and Barb Satterfield Fishing Guide Service

This fishing report is free and presented by Don and Barb Satterfield Fishing Guide Service. The fishing report will be Updated on Thursday's ONLY when necessary to change the report. If the report has not changed by Friday, then read the last report because the fishing conditions are consistent with that fishing report!

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Lake Shelbyville Fishing Report for 4-27-06

The lake level is at 597 and falling that is 2 1/2 ft. below summer pool

Water temp is in the low 60's

The water is clear to stained on the south end and muddy on the north end, but clear enough to fish.

We were doing good on crappie before the cold front and now you have to work for them, but as the weather warms up it will get good by this weekend. We have found our crappie on main and secondary points from 2 to 12 ft. The males are showing lots of color and were very shallow. Most the big females were on the drops out in 6 to 12 ft. We are working hard and not filling the limits but catching some nice fish. Most keepers are 10 to 11 in. fat and full of eggs. We are casting 1/4 oz. jigs with tubes and twisters using a stop and go retrieve a ft. or 2 of the bottom. We have caught lots of small ones and it looks like we should have some good fishing this year for the crappie.

We have not tried for the whites yet , but they are being caught up the rivers by bank fisherman using jigs. As soon as we find them on the lake we'll let you know. They should be on the wind blown sand and gravel banks this time of the year and can be caught on jigs, spinners and small shallow running crank baits or rattle-l-traps.

Last weekend it took 19 lbs. to win the bass tournament and lots of nice fish were caught on rattle-l-traps, crank baits, spinner baits and jigs and worms. Fish the rocky points and banks on the main lake and in the creeks.

Know reports of walleye yet just some small ones , But they should start any day now. Fish the sand and gravel points and banks with 2 jig rigs, crank baits and rattle-l-traps or try trolling on the flats at different depths and good luck.

Musky's are active in open water and on the banks , trolling or casting is working. Try the big creeks form point 2 south.

With the lake 2 ft. below summer pool you can run a ground on some of the sand bars , humps and points be careful out there and the boat ramps are very sick also.

We'll get the daily journal going now that we are fishing again , sorry for the delays on the new reports, good luck to all and take someone fishing.

Don and Barb Satterfield
Fishing report for 5-18-06

Lake is at 598.76 which is about 1 ft. below summer pool and rising.

Water temp is in the low 60's and the water is stained on the south end and more stained on the north end.

With this crazy spring weather the fishing has been on and off with wind, rain and cold fronts. Fish are trying to go to the beds and will with some warm steady days.

Crappie are deep and shallow with the males dark in color and the females full of eggs. You can find the males shallow on wood and the females holding 8 to 15 ft on the points. We've been working hard for every keeper we catch, been using 1/4 and 1/8 oz. jigs with tubes and twisters any color will do. You have to move a lot to find them and its hard to get very many off a spot.

If you want to catch a lot of fish for fun or dinner the white bass are easy right now, they are on the deep sand bars 15 to 25 ft. They are setting so close to the bottom that your fish finder may or may not show them. If you watch your finders real close you may see what looks like a few rocks on the bottom and that will be the whites. We are using the 1oz. Mann-O-Lure spoons to catch these fish. They can also be caught on minnows or jigs and by trolling crank baits. You want to look where the sand flats meet the channel drops.

We have pick up a few Walleye in with the whites, but know keepers yet and only heard of a few so far this spring. Soon they should be on the wind blown rock and gravel banks and points. We like to fish rattle-l-traps and crank baits for them, but jigs and worms work also.

Bass are fair to good on the main and secondary points with what ever baits you want to fish for them with. You will also find fish in the coves trying to spawn. There have been some nice fish caught in the 5lb plus range, once again you have to work hard for these fish and cover lots of water.

Musky's are being caught casting the banks and trolling the open water in the mouths of the big coves and creeks.

Lets hope we can get some steady warm temps so the fish can spawn while we have steady water levels. With the warmer days the fishing will improve also and we could have a more normal spring. Good luck to you all and have a safe trip and please take someone fishing.

Don and Barb Satterfield
Fishing report 6-8-06

The lake level is at 600.72 which is about 1 foot over summer pool and falling slow.

The water temp is in the upper 70's to low 80's in the coves. It is very clear through out most of the lake and stained to muddy on the very north end.

Fishing has improved for all species and is very good to excellent for most.

Walleye can be found shallow on the sand and gravel points from 2 to 8 ft. Try jig and crawler or crank baits and rat-l-traps on the wind blown banks or fish the mud lines caused by boat waves on the banks.

White bass are found on the flats and we have been catching them on the 2 jig rig or the 1oz Mann-o-lure jigging spoons. Some of them are feeding on the surface, but most are coming off the bottom in 8 to 20 ft. of water near the channels. You may have to try a lot of spots to find them, but once you do it won't take long to catch a mess. Trolling crank baits across the flats and watching you electronics will help you find them.

Crappie are being caught deep and shallow on jigs or minnows on wood or rocks. Once again you have to move till you find the keepers, there are lots of small fish being caught and you have work hard for the keepers.

Bass fishing is very good lots of small and big fish are being caught on all kinds of baits even top water is working. You can find fish on the deep points or the coves it's just good fishing no matter how you do it.

Lots of Musky's have been caught by the bass fisher man and we have even caught some on jigging spoons in deep water fishing for the white bass. They are in the coves and on the flats deep and shallow.

Cat fish are spawning on the rocks around bridges and boat ramps and easy to catch at this time of the year, try your favorite bait in 2 to 6 ft water and fish the rocks.

You can find the blue gills on the beds in the backs of the coves and the water is clear enough to see them. You can also catch them on the rocks or wood any where with worms set 2 to 4 ft. deep under a bobber.

This is the time of the year we the fisherman have to share the waters with all the others that are out for the fun in the sun and on the water. When the boats are running and waves are mudding the shore lines try fishing the muddy water with rat-l-traps and crank baits , you may be surprised to see what you can catch. Some of my best Walleyes over the years have been caught that in the middle of those high traffic days in mud lines.

Be safe and good luck to you all.

Don and Barb Satterfield
7-13-06 Fishing report

The lake level is at 599.17 which is 6.3 in. below summer pool.

The water temp. is in the mid 80's and very clear till you get up north where it is a little stained.

The white bass are feeding on this years shad and are hard to find , unless you see them on top. When their not on the surface you'll find them on the sand bars deep and shallow. If the wind blows you want to check the windy banks with the 2 jig rig or blade baits, small spinners and crank baits. If there is no wind try jigging spoons in deeper water. Trolling may help you find them also..

Bass fishing has been as good as it gets. They can be caught deep and shallow on all kinds of baits. We've been using crank baits and rat-l-traps fishing points with rock and wood on them. Worms and jigs fished deep is also working well. If you like using top water this is the time and it can work all day.

Walleye are still being caught shallow on the windy days and a little deeper without wind fishing the sand and gravel banks with live bait or lures.

Musky are everywhere , main lake and in the coves deep and shallow. Casting or trolling is working and when you get one try to keep them in the water till you release them. This hot weather and water is hard on all fish so if you are going to release them do it fast and don't have them out of the water and more then you have to. Crappie are biting , but its still slow for the keepers.

This lake is full of catfish and blue gills. Try the sand bars for cats and the wood and rocks for gills.

The fishing will improve from now on, this is always the worst time of the year for whites. As the shad grow the sea gulls will show you where to fish and the gulls are starting to show up.

With the lake below summer pool take care and good luck to all.

Don and Barb Satterfield
8-10-06 Fishing report

The lake level is at 599.4 which is about 4in. below summer pool and coming up.

The water temp is in the mid to upper 80's and very clear till you get to the far north end where it is stained to muddy.

Fishing is improving and will get better from this time of the year till ice on.

If your looking for the best bit try white bass they are found on the flats and if the wind is blowing they are right on the banks. For the shallow fish we are using the 2 jig rig fishing it fast and just under the surface. If there is little or no wind you need to look deeper and we have found them as deep as 25 ft. on the edge of the sand bars where they meet the channels. For the deep fish it is hard to beat the 1 oz. Man-O-Lure (jigging spoon) or the 2jig rig fished on the bottom with a stop and go retrieve. You can also catch them on live bait. You have to move a lot to find these schools of whites and they are moving chasing bait so you may catch a few and then they move. The sea gulls are here and they can help you find feeding fish and the shad. We have been fishing the mid to north end of the lake for our best luck.

Crappie can be caught deep on the points and drops or shallow on wood with jigs and or minnows, but the keepers are hard to come by. There are lots of small ones and we hope this fall will get better for the keepers, if not next year should be ok or better than this spring was.

Walleye are slow we have picked up some small ones fishing shallow for the whites, but not many keepers. Try fishing shallow on the windy days with jigs, crank baits and rat-l-traps. Look for the sand ,gravel and rocky banks. When the wind is clam try deeper alone the drops by casting or trolling your baits. If you can put up with all the gills, yellow bass and drum night crawlers on a jig can work also. As the water cools in the coming weeks the walleye should be easer to catch , it is nice to see a lot of small ones.

Bass and Musky are being caught deep and shallow on the main lake and back in the creeks. We have had some nice bass fishing for whites with the 2 jig rig and seen some nice Musky up shallow on the flats with the whites.

It doesn't matter what your fishing the key is to find the shad , if your looking for big fish find the schools of big shad and if your looking for whites and crappie find this years shad. The new shad are 3/4 to 1in and last years are 4 to 5 in and with the mild winters in the past we have a lake full of both big and little shad.

We still have some fishing days open for this fall if you would like to learn a lot about locating fish and the baits to use and how to fish them give us a call.

Good luck to all and be sure and take someone fishing.

Don and Barb Satterfield
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