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Fishing Lake Shelbyville

Here are a couple fishing Lake Shelbyville pictures from the year 2000!

  • catfish2.jpg
  • bbss.jpg

The catfish was caught in Sept of 2000 on Lake Shelbyville, while fishing for white bass on a scheduled Lake Shelbyville Illinois fishing guide trip with Don Satterfield.

After catching 71 white bass in 30 feet of water on the edge of a sand bar using a 1 oz. jigging spoon and 17 pound test line, this catfish was a HUGE surprise!

It took 45 minutes to get him into the boat and he weighed in at 75 pounds! It was caught using the same jigging spoon, a 1 oz.Mann - o - Lure (white), and the same 17 pound test line the white bass were caught on!!
Just goes to show --- You never know!